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John Casablanca Modeling
Main address: 45185 Joy Road, Ste 101 48187 Canton MI
(734) 455-0700, (734) 455-2156,
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  • 12 hours ago
  • Entertainment
  • Doylestown, Pennsylvania
  • 44

let me just sum up my experience with a story about JC: I was once headed to their building in Oklahoma City for an audition. as I entered the building, it was dead quiet; no one else was there. we went upstairs, and in to the reception/waiting area. opened the door, and again, empty - other than the receptionist. and then, in a scramble to save the show, — I am not making this up — the... Read more

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  • Sep 25
  • Schools
  • Classes Charge
  • 1
  • 1
  • 258

I fist saw an audition booth at a community event and my friends and I all tried it out. We read some lines for a camera and gave them some info. We thought that they would go throught the videos of people and pick out a few good ones. But the next day we got calls and emails from them once an hour! I found out all my friends who also auditioned were getting the same treatment. I went to one of... Read more

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  • Sep 18
  • Schools
  • Fishers, Indiana
  • Modeling System
  • 311

Their first priority is to secure a promise of payment from you. Classes are sometimes led by qualified people, but content was rarely a challenge. At times it was laughable. If you can jump some hoops, you will be passed. I was told students would be eligible for promotion starting halfway through the completion of classes, then when I was halfway through, I was told I had to finish before they... Read more

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  • Sep 13
  • Schools
  • Training Charges
  • 233

MTM is a department within John Casabanca They say they are not part of John Casabanca YET they are in the same office and have the same phone number MTM is yet another attempt for John Casabanca to get your money! MTM says they work with casabanca agency and they dont want any money They do want money & they are John Casabanca ! They make u wait 30-60 min without even a sorry Man *Agent*... Read more

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The Director was nice until I was not able to pay $3,000 for classes. She was dismissive, rude, disrespectful & arrogant. They should not have to bully,coerce, manipulate, talk down & mistreat others because they are not willing at the moment to pay for a class. Add comment


  • Aug 05
  • Schools
  • Ineffective Classes
  • 799

I've been to the class as well years ago and totally regret going. I truly feel that it is a waste of time to fill people's heads with all the lies that keep them coming long enough to collect money on them. You go to class and recite these *** lines and walk this corny runway as if we ALL have a chance. And there are plenty of ladies and men that should have a shot at something but never get a... Read more

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  • Jul 20
  • Schools
  • Nutrisystem Program
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  • 416

So I went for classes the other day it was ghetto we did not practice any runway poses or acting all we did was just sit around and talk no and I payed 300 dollars for supplies and all I got was a bag notepad towel mirror brush and a shirt I reccomed do not send your child here and our class was in a makeup room not a real class an while we did nothing we were suppose to be walking the run way... Read more

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  • Jul 11
  • Schools
  • Bellevue, Washington
  • Rude Message
  • 871

I wrote to this company telling my interest in modeling. I have told them I have always wanted to model and Didn't want a *** company just wanting to take my money. I then looked at the reviews at contacting the company through via email, which I should of some before even contacting but didn't. They then called me the next day about my interest and I answered. I was at work with a bunch... Read more

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I submitted my info to Johncasablancas and they called me wanting to interview me. So my mom and I went there and they were bringing different people into the room to look at me and ask questions. When they knew we had the money to pay them they said we should select her. My mom asked to speak to a client to see if they were for real. Someone came in and said this agency was the best. We looked... Add comment

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